Day: April 12, 2021

Review of the C-cognac BarReview of the C-cognac Bar

The C cognac bar is a wonderfully laid-back bar that was originally built in the 1700s in France. This beautiful bar has always been a favorite with visitors to the University of Paris. The original bar was made of stone and the floors were made of stone on each side of the bar and the walls were all stone as well. You can have a great time sipping on a chilled glass of champagne while sipping your favorite cocktail. The original bar has since been converted into a luxury lounge.

cognac bar


The C cognac bar is a real work of art. Each and every seat are plush and comfortable and the stone floors are hand-carved to perfection. The bar is made out of natural stones and the walls are lined with tapestry-like material. The bar is warm and inviting and is situated right next to the dance floor. This location means that there is always a lineup of visitors to dance to the music or to have a drink.


The C cognac bar has two levels that are great for parties and hosting a big date. If you are having a small group and need a private room, they also have that available. The bar is also open to visitors and they have a spacious patio that you can use for an intimate gathering. There is even a covered outdoor area where you can enjoy a nice meal. The C cognac bar makes you feel like you are at France.