Day: April 26, 2021

Pond Pumping For the New GardenPond Pumping For the New Garden

There were two major companies in town that had major pond pumping stations. South Orange is an affluent, middle class community just outside of Newark. Many people commute to the nearby New York City, which makes finding an affordable housing complex close by a real draw. Unfortunately, high property taxes do not allow for most properties to stay vacant, but there were only two available pumping stations within the village. The first one that fell victim to neglect was the Campbell’s Pond Pumping Station, which had been closed in the past.


There have been a lot of changes since the old pond station sat empty. There are now over twenty solar pumps scattered throughout the neighborhood. Some of these have been damaged from the weather, but many are in full operation. Most of these pond pumps are powered by electricity, which saves on the environment as well as paying for the solar pump installation.


It is nice to know that all of these solar pumps are powered by an alternative renewable energy source, making them much more environmentally friendly. This also means that they will not be impacted by the upcoming phase of global warming. Pond pumping is quite happy knowing that these efficient pumps are giving them the service for which they are known. They may have to replace the pumps at some point, but with the range of prices that are associated with them, most homeowners are more than happy to do this. In addition, when the pond pumps are running and generating energy, these ponds provide a beautiful contrast to the surrounding landscape.