Day: September 16, 2022

What Happens If You Click This Link?What Happens If You Click This Link?

Click this link

A click on a web page’s link can take several different actions. In the simplest case, the link itself will take a visitor to a web page with a specific URL. The website also contains hidden information that goes along with the clicked page. This information is called the Uniform resource locator, and it tells the browser what to expect on the next page.

Why You Click This Link?

In addition, using the word “here” in the hyperlink text can cause issues for people with disabilities. If a screen reader is used to access a website, screen readers may tell a visitor to “Click this link,” but the screen reader may not be able to tell where the link will lead them or whether it contains content. In addition, search engines use the text in the link to determine what it is about. This means that using “here” in a link text would make no sense to a search engine.