Day: October 23, 2022

The Future of Gaming in ThailandThe Future of Gaming in Thailand

Among the world’s top gaming markets, Thailand is the country with the greatest potential to grow. The market is expected to earn over $2 billion a year by 2025.

Which country has the most gaming addiction?

Several factors have contributed to the growth of the gaming industry in Thailand. One is the fact that Thailand is a country where many gamers love to share their gaming experiences. Another is the fact that the Thai gaming industry has received major funding. The government has been supportive of the sector’s growth.

NewZoo, a gaming research company, reported that the Thai gaming market has a strong growth rate. They estimate that the market will grow in monetary terms by 9.7%. The market is also expected to grow in terms of volume and value by 2022-2030. เสี่ยงโชคของคุณที่ https:/

While gaming is not a new trend in Thailand, it is one that has proven to be an effective way for consumers to interact with each other. One of the most popular games in Thailand is Candy Crush. The game is played by an average of two million people per week.

Several other games are popular in Thailand as well. The top three are simulation games, MOBA and shooter games. These are followed by role play and adventure games.

According to NewZoo, one in four Thais considers themselves a “hard core” gamer. This refers to those who play for a few hours every day.

A survey conducted by the i-dac Bangkok in August 2021 found that most Thai gamers like adventure games and simulation games. The most popular gaming features for Thais are the in-game currency and playable characters.