Choosing a Baby Car Seat Mirror

baby car mirror

One of the best investments a parent can make for their child is buying a baby car mirror. These are perfect to put on the back of the seat of the baby so you will be able to see your little one as it goes about moving around. Most of the time, this is attached to the car seats by means of straps which make sure that it does not move around while the baby is inside. There are many options for these kinds of mirrors, with prices varying depending on which one you choose and where you purchase.


One of the most popular baby car seat mirrors is the convex headrest one which gives the kid a view of its own image while its head is up and everybody else’s head is off to the side. These types of headrests are great for babies that have soft skin as the soft skin will not hurt your child as much. Another popular model is the headband headrest. This is often made of a stretch material that wraps around the entire head so that it does not touch the face of your child. This is great as a baby car seat mirror because it gives the child a view without having to worry about it touching its face or body.


On the other end of the spectrum are headrests that are made out of hard plastic which will hurt your child as it tries to get its head up. A headband headrest is a much better option as it is less likely to slip on your baby’s head and cause the face to move. The best way to look at the baby car seat mirrors before buying is to decide if you are going to get a headrest or not. Many parents do not mind if they get a headrest for their child but those that want more security may go for the hard plastic ones.

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