No Thanks – How I Sold My Texas House Fast & Now Make Money Doing It!

So you want to sell house fast Texas? Texas has some pretty tight real estate regulations, the state requires that you get special financing or get a mortgage lien set by a judge. Basically if you can’t qualify for a traditional mortgage from a bank, then you must get your house loan backed by either a lender or an investor. If you don’t have cash, then you can take out an equal sized second mortgage to “create” some cash flow. That’s the difference. You see, no one is going to loan you a lump sum of money to sell your home because you’re an unemployed bum with no collateral and no job.

No Thanks – How I Sold My Texas House Fast & Now Make Money Doing It!

Some people might try to sell their homes in as fast as they can and this is understandable. The problem is when you sell a house in Texas with no real estate agent, the property gets caught up in the real estate transaction and it is difficult to move. Most realtors in the greater Dallas area will not help sell a property unless they are paid up front. This leaves you with the only alternative of finding a buyer from a lender or investor.

There are companies in the greater Dallas area that will assist you with both. These companies basically act as a liaison with buyers and lenders. In most cases you can sell your house in Texas as-is, walk away, find another buyer and then to sell your house again in a short amount of time when the money comes. The only thing you lose with this is any commissions that the company may earn for your assistance.

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