What Is IPAF Training and How Long Will I Take to Earn My Licence?

What is ipaf courses? The term is a very popular acronym, which stands for “International Qualification Foundation for Air Navigation and Air Traffic Control”. It is a joint programme managed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Canada and the United States Federal Aviation Administration. There are two main components to this course: IATA and aviation training. These two organizations jointly provide the IATA training component.

How You Can (Do) Ipaf Training Almost Instantly

When should you take an ipaf training course? The course length is usually one day long. You should decide if you want to complete one course in one day or if you want to complete a series of courses over a period of weeks or months. You may want to consider an accelerated completion program. This means that you can complete all of the IATA training courses in less than one month. If you want to complete multiple IATA courses at the same time, then consider taking one IATA course and then another IATA course from another provider of ipaf training.

Once you have completed your courses and passed your IATA test, you will need to take an exam to become an authorized holder of the IATA licence. The licence needs to be renewed every one year, otherwise it lapses. To apply for a renewal of your licence, you will need to meet the IATA requirements, such as completing a training program with a participating IATA course provider, and passing the IATA examination. In order to complete your IATA licence within one year, you must take and pass a five years non-passenger aircraft operation (NPE) course from an accredited training centre.

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